Sunday, November 29, 2009

Assemble the Illuminati


An Inconvenient Truth

Bloomberg reported on March 6, 2008 that Al Gore may have amassed $100 million USD in 2007.

This windfall is the result of Apple and Google shares.

Gore reportedly invested $35 million USD  in Capricorn Investment Group LLC in Palo Alto.

There is no doubt that the Internet Connection between Gore and Silicon Valley has delivered. Gore has not been questioned on his involvement on Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth.

``Gore got a lot of support from Silicon Valley when he ran for president because they knew the Internet was one of his primary concerns,'' said Tony Coelho, a former congressman and investment banker who served as chairman of Gore's 2000 campaign.

``It's very legit that these people would pursue him'' after he left office, Coelho said, adding that Gore received Google and Apple stock options before their shares ``went into the stratosphere.''

Since the 2008 Crash and Burn Al Gore & Family have no doubt fared better than working classes worldwide.

In the last personal finance report he filed as vice president, Gore disclosed on May 22, 2000, that the value of his assets totaled between $780,000 and $1.9 million. In addition, Gore listed an interest in his father's estate that included Occidental Petroleum Corp. stock worth as much as $1 million.

Al Gore is said to earn $175,000 USD for a speaking engagement.

Over the course of history, the use of the corporation here as Google and Apple with Gore, and Fuji with Ronald Reagan has to come into question.

Tremendous gregarious abuses of position have occurred with families and fortunes being wiped out and ruined. The personal histories of these individuals is fictitious and a catalyst towards totalitarianism and slavery.

A $100 million dollar USD nest egg is very convenient for the Gores to ride out the next 100 years while the masses and environment that Al Gore pretended to help begin to recover, if possible from his misdeeds.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Art and the Artificer




Blythe 10-2009 003aColorado River


The finished piece of art has a direct resemblance to the craftsperson whom created it. Political Science is a discipline that is supposed to be a science. This is to state that it operates on general laws or principles or on assumptions which are based to discover a law which is the principle itself. Art and music are fashioned to some particular.

In degree the moral support for a piece of art may be a universal as faith. Sacred music gives a record of some of the greatest repertoire.

Here I am integrating my music with my social science and Vedic faith. All the songs on my music player were composed around 2004 and 2005. This was during a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth. This in itself make my music and this blog unique.

The interpretation and realization of music, dance, and other art forms is important to the culture as it is a record of information that is passed on generation to generation for it's posterity. The attack on myself is not simply an attack on my individual person as the authorship and it's agents wish to proclaim.

In short I have alleged that Cambridge University is that author and that Los Angeles Police Department decided to implement this Chemical Assault. Scotland Yard is another principal which may carry out activities in the United Kingdom.

As a member of homo sapiens I must seek food, clothing, shelter, and reproduction (optional) if I choose to sustain. This means I must me motile and move about. The United States Constitution provides me with primary rights. This is contained in the Bill of Rights. Law Enforcement in the United States is now organized as Homeland Security. Such has failed.

Barack Obama has one a Nobel Peace Prize for the intent of fostering diplomacy rather than POWER POLITICS  and unilateralism with Iran. In concrete the The Emperor Has No Clothes. Obama is demonstrating he will condone an attack on his own country's citizens while attempting to negotiate nuclear deterrence.

Any claims the Nobel Organization makes of human rights are a brutal fraud. I am in Blythe, California. The Colorado River is chemically contaminated and it is the drinking and farm water for Los Angeles, San Diego, and Mexico in this region.

I not only have to defend my natural life but I also have a historical record to maintain. I have authored over 26 federal court suits, have an OAS, and ICCPR record. The latter two have no legal standing in the United States.

This event will systematically transform institutions that should have opposed such. This includes faith based, governments, university, corporations, and other systems.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Republicans: A Failed Political Philosophy

"Republican Party Elephant" logo

The current rout of the GOP after the banking and mortgage failure is do to a failed political philosophy and greed.

The obvious process and structure that Democrats and Republicans fail to recognize is that there is a 22 year old Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth that is in continuo.

The Republicans are more to blame at the present but this is changing daily.

A party platform based simply on lower taxes and smaller government is stale. On principles, the GOP has already moved away from morality towards economics which benefits such demographically but is a shift from principle to counting votes.

The GOP needs to be creative in the GREEN or Environmental area. There is moral ground as well as economic opportunity here. The 60 year and older club may have their pockets lined by older industry but the future is in sustainable resources. The GOP needs to analyze the political topography based more on reality than their static pitchmen and their monied interests.

Homeland Security and anti-corruption are two other areas that are neglected to the so-called fiscal conservative posture that lead the nation into a tulip bulb bubble which burst because the GOP could not practice their own political philosophy.

The future is going to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY for the damage done.

Overall it is the culture that creates the mode of it’s own elimination.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Rejects Bush Era European Defense System

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama and Republican Counterparts are part of a Perfect Dictatorship. Show bottle Homeland Security is no substitute for real action. Using a red herring to deflect attention away from a domestic Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth is a cowardly act on both sides. Reality demonstrates on this day severe contamination in Northern California and Nevada. Since Obama is the Chief Executive it is appropriate to point out that neither he nor Rep. Eric Cantor R – Virginia are setting a good example for executive leadership.

President Obama has proffered a new paradigm for Europe’s defense.

"It is more comprehensive than the previous program, it deploys capabilities that are proven and cost effective, and it sustains and builds upon our commitment to protect the U.S. homeland," he said.

With the announcement, Washington scrapped what had become a politically troublesome plan, and one the Pentagon says was ill-suited to the true threat from Iran. In its place would be a system the Pentagon contends will accomplish the original goal and more.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Iran's changing capabilities drove the decision, but he acknowledged that the replacement system is likely to allay some of Russia's concerns.

Obama also made a pointed reference to Russia and its heated objections to the shield. "Its concerns about our previous missile defense programs were entirely unfounded," Obama said.

Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the second-ranking Republican in the House, said he would "work to overturn this wrong-headed policy."

"Scrapping our missile defense effort in Europe has severe consequences for our diplomatic relations and weakens our national security," Cantor said in a statement. "Our allies, especially Poland and the Czech Republic, deserve better and our people deserve smarter and safer."

The new plan would rely sea and land-based sensors and interceptor missiles intended as a bulwark against Iranian short- and medium-range missiles.


AP filed under: WORLD NEWS

Sunday, August 23, 2009

University of California – Research - Innovation


University of California - BerkeleyNollmeyer

David Nollmeyer – Archive Photo 2005

University of California is arguably the most prestigious and popular institutions of higher education in the world. It has perpetuated a standard of excellence due to it’s emphasis on research and innovation. The school runs the nation’s nuclear defense programs through Lawrence Laboratories.

It is prima facie that UC’s role in the intellectual and economic prosperity of the California is rare air.

Since 1987 this has changed as the school has decided to adopt a ritualistic pattern of defection to de facto forces. This also has damaged the school and the student’s reputation as being on the front of social change.

Here is a small overview from their site

Motto: Fiat Lux
("Let there be light")

130 academic departments and more than 80 interdisciplinary research units.

Colleges and schools: UC Berkeley is divided into 14 colleges and schools, most of which are subdivided into departments.

Most popular majors (as of Spring 2009): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 1,394 students; Molecular and Cell Biology, 1,135 students; Political Science, 965 students. (Source)

Courses offered: More than 7,000 courses in some 350 degree programs; the campus produces more Ph.D.s annually than any other U.S. university. (Cal Facts 2008)

In these rankings below History is ranked 2, Political Science 2, and Sociology 3.



Rankings by department

Arts & Humanities

Art History


Comparative Literature

1st, tie





Spanish & Portuguese

Biological Sciences

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior

Molecular/General Genetics



Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Materials Science

Mechanical Engineering

Physical Sciences & Mathematics

Astrophysics & Astronomy


Computer Sciences


1st, tie

3rd, tie

1st, tie / 3rd

Social & Behavioral Sciences



6th, tie


6th, tie

Political Science



Source: National Research Council, 1995. (This is the most recent NRC assessment, with new rankings expected in the coming year.)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Totalitarianism and Innovation

Totalitarianism is a repressive regime of power and control. In effect it is a police state. For the success of the firm power and control are essential in fulfilling  the strategic mission of the enterprise. By disallowing full participation in legal and social life, the critical needs of economy can be marginalized until diseconomy.

Here the CEO is vulnerable as he is in the position to execute the decisions that are vital to success. The police state is able to subject a very highly trained executive under an officer(s) who are hostile to the firm.

Power without order is chaos. The results could be the end of the firm and/or it’s legacy.

Currently the contaminated environment has exposed many performers to non-normative events as to which no innovative response has occurred from the most celebrated CEOs.

In the non-profit sector, the University of California’s prestige is at stake.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Restructuring the Strategic Mission

Currently I have had to attempt a system restoration due to the deleting of extensions due to the Quicktime application.

In spite of the calamity the Asus 1000he works better now than it did when I first started it up. This could of have been due to the new battery.

In this degree technology is advancing while culture is degrading. The CEO of the transnational firm has yet to emerge as a true leader of justice and equality but then again who has?

The current vacuum of a true strong world leader or market maker in this prolonged recession will dictate some form of new competitive strategy to take advantage of the weak competition.

Crime structures as the Mexican Mafias appear to be getting stronger and more global due to chaos and armed warfare.

Barack Obama has yet to deal with this as health care is the immediate need.

In the short run I will install my old software and am considering a youtube attack.

A new site on is:

Westwood CA

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Corporate History - Chemical Assault


Since June 17, 1987 the 200th Anniversary of the United States, a de facto Chemical Assault has alienated my constitutional rights. Since the Social Contract Theory also is relevant to the creation of the firm this artificial entity has come under attack. Ronald Reagan was president on this date and it is my mistake to have not undertaken a greater effort to engage the Fortune 500 firms and their executives.

In continuo this nation and it's business has suffered quantum losses that are not yet to be calculated. First and foremost is to the health of the employees and customers. There is tremendous corruption in the human population. Many firms will have poor corporate history.

This is devastating as many businesses also wish to have museums regarding their products and services successes.

So here we have to attack a strawman and replace such with concrete reality.

Under the theory of general equilibrium I am choosing exercise my opportunity and challenge the lack of leadership in business in not confronting the destruction of this country.

I have alleged that Cambridge Law School has designed the event. In the United Kingdom, Scotland Yard runs the entrapment and in this country LAPD.

What is unique is the despoliation is due to an avenging of LGBTi history.

In degree I am a conservative who is supporting Proposition 8 in my home state of California. I only use constitutional methods to achieve goals.