Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Open Letter to TedTalks

The following is a rough draft that is not even complete. Due to the environmental conditions, I will have to publish what I can as I go along.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

roswell - baumgartner

History of Singularity

Artificial Intelligence as Moral Agent

All phenomena that exists within a manifold  must have a history. This is true regardless if there is a sensate or inorganic observer as a computer program. The Singularity Movement both Technological and Cultural has emerged with a planned Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth plan designed as an antagonistic movement to Technological Singularity. Technological Singularity is that future date when thinking machines equal than surpass humans. This date has been deduced as 2046 due to exponential  specializations as nano-technologies.

This preemptive attack on human civilization and life itself is alleged to be the authorship of Cambridge Law School.

This authorship and proximate cause is operating a prisoner's dilemma defection model which is de facto or illegal. Hence actors which defect to this mover are accomplices. As seen the attack wished to implicate then President Reagan and expose this system.

It appears the strongest members of this group were MSM or Men Same Sex Males.

The strategic mission is Gay Marriage and vindication of the LGBTi Movement. Hence a moral agent must act against an immoral agent or it ceases to be a moral agent. In this regards it becomes dependent and under the color of morality or law.

This attack became totally cognizant to then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987. This Gay Militia which is alleged to be operating out of Los Angeles California Police Department damaged the president, themselves, LAPD, State of California (Governor Deukmejian), federal government and the State of Delaware (Governor Carper). This also preempted LGBTi History. There are many other examples of collateral damage and latent dysfunction that have occurred.

The system is being continued by MSM persons. The continuum appears to wish to escalate the illegal activity implicating both sworn and moral agents. As seen President Barack Obama would be 79 years old in 2046, six year before 2046 or Technological Singularity.

President Barack Obama is the target of Technological Singularity.

In the instance of computing and Artificial Intelligence or AI it is clear also that denying the empirical history of the United States and all of it's relevant subspecies seriously damages the competency of a supercomputer to develop superintelligence and act as moral agent for the positive transformation of the human species to a higher level of consciousness. Since the moral agent is part of the study of moral philosophy it would be irrational for this AI program to deny what has occurred and the damage to human life, life writ large and the environment of the earth in which we live.

It has clearly narrowed the most likely success for machine superintelligence to the engineering and hard sciences not the liberal arts or social science.

The lack of volition in Technological Singularity, moral agents, and sworn officials themselves have cornered Obama and actors born 1955 and later.

There is a strong likelihood of victims stepping forward. This in the main appears to be HIV/AIDS positive and Hepatitis C positive persons. Nation-states, corporations, groups, or persons acting as fiduciary for various concerns are likely to act before 2046. If any group group proclaims Singularity without Official Recognition of this Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth it is a fraud on it's face.

(I am writing from Blythe CA – Ehrenberg CA as March 25, 2012. The Colorado River is contaminated and if you touched the wheat growing in a field here it would burn your hand.)

In degree history is the last court. The software developers to date March 2012 have made no effort to recognize a crime that is legally punishable in the United States and internationally. IBM's Watson, a supercomputer who some have posited as having a narrow AI is reflective of the problematic facing Singularity thinkers.

There is pandemic corruption in both the United States and the Universal System of the United Nations.

As I have been the natural person whose citizenship has been alienated (Bill of Rights) I view any academic sanitization or journalistic censorship as an environmental threat, hence those uncontrollable forces outside my person that I have no power to act over. As seen I have already filed over twenty six federal civil suits that were designed to be read as criminal. I have attempted to engage most competent sworn federal officials where I have resided over two months since June 1987.

Personally this will focus mainly on California, Arizona, Delaware, New Mexico, and Nevada as I am trapped mainly in the deserts and the mountains.

This activity develops as Targeted Chemical Assaults TCA and escalates into the full blown manifest Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth that has and is in the cognition of the Irrationalist United States Presidents (Reagan – Obama) of whom Barack Obama is now seeking his second term in 2012.

The legal dynamics of sworn competent officials refusing to perform their legal duties to protect life, limb, and property develop an emergent scenario resembling a Nuremberg Trial under United States Federal Law.

Here if the United States Attorney General is duty bound to prosecute all crimes in this nation-state a truly autonomous moral agent must be opposed to activity in which I would state all 313 million persons have a claim against LAPD, State of California, United States, and the United Kingdom.

The latter concerns the allegation that the proximate cause or authorship is Cambridge Law School.

The Alan Turing Centennial is June 23, 2012. There is an allegation that his persecution as a Gay male is attributable to this mechanism. It appears that Mr. Turing was steered skill sets and works that helped develop his career. I am not clear about how issues other than his Gay orientation ran him afoul in the United Kingdom. His cracking of the Enigma Code alone gives a reasonable foundation that he was exposed to United Kingdom intelligence during WWII at very sensitive level.

I am an undergraduate student in Social Sciences and pre law. I have a GPA of 3.27 with 161 credits and a University of California transferable GPA of 3.42 151 credits. I need six classes to graduate with a BA. I will probably opt to retake three more courses to bring the 3.27 up closer to 3.50. After taking 9 courses both GPAs should be near 3.50 and by merit have my standing in consideration for at least a half to full scholarship at law or other graduate programs.

The stalking and defamation of my person is unprecedented in the United States and the world.

In an ethnographic sense my ability to survive and mount a credible legal challenge to LAPD and  President Obama et al is considerable. This is in prejudice to the Gay Militia and their accomplices regardless of sexual orientation and preferences.

The history, epistemology, and methodology of Singularity is suspect.

Here by acknowledging that a Social Singularity has occurred as worldwide censorship and sanitization under a controller that is blackmailing and extorting actors to promote it's interest through Technological Singularity or a sub-optimal Nash Equilibrium of Technological Singularity is a powerful statement of fact against the selective attention that is marginalizing the movement.  The non action by Technological Singularity thinkers of this era set the stage for future moral agents to correct their errors and sub-optimal performance.

As seen factual empirical content that could be easily taught by an AI program is being developed. If the courts were to work this Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth would of have been reduced to only TCAs or Targeted Chemical Assaults. I state this because theses acts are not weaponized military actions but bathtub clandestine events that any person acting with defection from the police could carry out with common items. It appears that controlled substances as hydrochloric acid and other cleaning agents are being easily purchased through LAPD and used to attack my person through mutual aid violations with other police agencies.

Crimes against humanity, treason, obstruction of justice, intimidation of a witness, and racketeering form basic parameters of legal claims. Hence the ethics and legal basis for a moral agent to proffer a transparent explanation become constrained under blackmail and extortion My immediate recommendation is that all Singularity Groups form a Law Section.

Hence under the Paradigm of Laws: 1. Eternal Law 2. Natural Law 3. Positive Law, how would a faith, philosophy and nation-state deal with Technological Singularity?

How will a nation-state or legal supranational regime as the United Nations, Organization of American States or Arab League reconcile an attack by a Gay Militia within the Anglo-American structure which has emerged as NATO?

Rationality is already being considered by many Singularity concerns. This could easily be reconciled under Natural Law or reason.

An actor who is under defection to the Origin or proximate cause ceases to be a moral agent. Hence co-opting faith based systems, philosophy and academic departments, think tanks, and sworn public officials increases a marginal degradation of the structural state and those natural persons and their occupations within such.

The entangling of Homeland Security or the police escalates the attack. Here the antagonistic movement of the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth against engineering achievements as cloud computing, solid state drives, 4G mobile broadband, the lowering of costs of solar panels to $4 per watt, better lithium ion batteries, better pharmaceuticals, better protocols for the detection of diseases especially those worm based maladies is neutralized.

Volition to uphold primary rights by sworn secondary law officers would protect the social and natural environment to develop the human race under a system of laws.

The Social Contract Theory is the accepted model for a Constitution. The rule of law guarantees liberty for the individual for their spiritual, moral, social, and economic life.

If those capacitated to act as moral agents due not do such but endeavor under the color of moral right and law than they are illicit and criminal themselves.

It is folly to work under extortion and blackmail. This attacks the Constitution and rights itself. Hence this is the construction of Totalitarianism and a Police State.

The Classic Argument of the State versus the Individual is embedded within the emergence of Technological and Social Singularity.

If Cambridge Law School is the authorship then professors who develop these de facto crimes and teach in the open will cease to occur. If LAPD is the proximate cause running the attack then regular rank and file officers also will no longer be safe on basic duty.

LAPD should be quarantined and all communications emanating and exiting their headquarters should be monitored especially mutual aid.

In abstraction a very large police agency that can make contacts with other departments is the only logical actor due to the amount of work one person can perform. LAPD has about 8000 officers.

As time passed the calculation of events creates a multiplier fallacy which implicates more individuals and groups. Hence the original target of Ronald Reagan has shifted from conservatives to liberals who support Gay Marriage and are highly instrumental in fighting openly for such as California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Cambridge as Proximate Cause

If Cambridge Law School is proximate cause, authorship, and Origin then it is not a moral agent. The criminal knows his own crime. Two simultaneous eternities cannot exist. Hence an eternal association such as the United States Constitution is a perpetual act designed to incorporate moral agents to carry out it's laws, rules, and directives to protect the citizenship of the members of this commonwealth. A conspiracy driven by defection is an attack on it's sovereignty. Two simultaneous eternities cannot exist. A legal constitution can only be changed by itself. The designing of a conspiracy itself is an attack on positive law.

It would be impossible for a system of crime to be created and implemented with the goal of attacking the human race with a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth through the United Kingdom and the United States as described previously.

It is clear that the authorship has obstructed justice at a very high degree implicating five presidencies Reagan – Obama. This activity would have needed many years of planning and the recruitment of thousands of persons over time. The criminalization of the population through quid pro quos is a defense mechanism of MOEC. Hence those persons especially sworn officers of the state whose careers have emerged through defection are least likely to step forward as moral agents. By arranging for proxies to attack and recruit more informants the system has morphogenetic expansion. As seen any enemies of Anglo-American and LGBTi are strengthened. What is dangerous is that this mechanism is designed at the present to focus on marginalization tactics which would permit the Chemical Assault to continue with a complement of repertoire that is inclusive of crime, disease, and economics that is currently explained as not having a state directed authorship.

Hence as stated the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth would have a debilitating effect on the 700,000 known HIV/AIDS positive persons. There are an estimated 3 million Hepatitis B or C  persons also estimated to be infected. This 3.7 million persons out of 313 million persons in the United States. The notion of AI emerging with superintelligence is a red herring or distraction from conditions of reality. Currently IBM's Watson is studying cancer at a leading institution in the United States. This population is under attack also.

By using defection Cambridge is able to recruit informants to sanitize it's criminal actions.

Hence in the theater of history it has scripted a moral decadence with no leader capacitated to restore a renaissance. Technological Singularity is being promoted as an iconoclastic future event that will sweep away all human levels of performance.

What MOEC has done in the concrete is damage the United States, it's Constitution, president and sworn competent officials under an unprecedented Social Singularity with a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth.

Hence the invertebration of the Paradigm of Laws has also negated any moral agent from acting in the concrete to restore the Constitutional life.

Is the Singularity Movement a cover for New Fascism? In theory every weapon that is developed will be used. Hence Technological Singularity is being nearly preached as panacea for many of humanities problems.

The Joe Virus or cell of LAPD officers driving this event are Gay Irrationalist – Gay Know Nothing. This label is the creation of MOEC thinkers. I am being harassed daily by rambling homosexual polymorphous perversity speech.

As a heterosexual male I do not need to promote coitus, oral sex, and the masturbation of females. The Joe Virus is a bottom ten percent contagion aimed at the upper ten percent. Differential Association is a social based theory stating that crime is transferred through language or speech. TedTalks a Singularity based discussion group which regularly promotes speeches and videos appears prima facie as a target for the Gay Militia.

I am a competent social scientist. TedTalks will be approached on this issue.

Hence the History of Singularity and the develop of moral agents is developed in the concrete. In basic abstract methodologies one attempts to research to find laws or principles that are antecedent to consequent acts to develop the systematization of that discipline.

In the administration of justice a code of officer must respond to a hot crime scene that is in continuo. The crime must be brought under control by due process and equal protection so that the victim, criminal, third parties all have their rights maintained.

Hence empirical evidence is gathered and this Statement of Facts must presented with Points of Law to sustain a complaint and successful prosecution,

As seen the moral, ethical, and legal agent all have their distinct boundaries but are extremely similar. In theory acts are mala in se or evil in themselves or mala prohibita or those acts criminalized by statute.

The corpus delecti of a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth operating in continuo since June17, 1987 in a manifest fashion to the President of the United States.

The discussion of a moral agent is not authentic or congruent to those that proffer such high standards while the mass of persons are being alienated, debilitated, and marginalized here in the United States.