Monday, July 25, 2011

The Failure of Leadership

tycho Tycho

The nature of leadership has not developed a response that is independent from political tyranny. On the contrary it has become more dependent and an enabler of abuse. The  allegations of abuse  are not necessarily from the LDC nation-states. Here in the United States, the top firms have suffered extreme losses on their tangible assets as properties.

In California this is likely to be pronounced. Core inflation is an increasingly poor measure to calculate the purchasing power since the 1930s. This in combination with product substitution does not accurately define the quality of goods and services gained or lost due to inflation.

The creation of wealth and storage in a value must be measured against real inflation. Crowding out has occurred in food, housing, education, and health care to the point that an individual earning $20,000 per year in the United States can not consistently house, feed, have legal transportation, raise a family, go to the doctor and send their children to college.

The debasing of the currency with fiat money and reckless cash creation and lending at variable rate interests have formed a conspiracy where the wealthiest earners and contract writers earn the inflation rate or better while the average person is losing year after a year.

Consider the costs of my textbooks. I was quoted about $160 each for two textbooks one for International Business and the other for Procedures of Criminal Law. $320 for two courses. The courses are relatively fairly priced at $700 each. This is just over $1700.

Westmont is the most expensive school in the United States now at $41,000. Cornell is about $39,000 for the highest in the Ivy League.

Here I will state that the contributions I have made regarding Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth, are free and more accurate than the sanitization that is being made at the highest dollar.

The CEO leadership as our past five presidents will be re-examined based on the cooked books of impunity.