Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stalking and the Corporation

David 007David Nollmeyer Ehrenberg AZ

The emergence of the alienation of my rights and that of due process from the United States Constitution en toto. Chemical Assault and Scorched Earth are also combined with what many are calling Gang – Mob – Stalking.

The use of harassment at the workplace by paid employees against other workers and customers will define the era between 1987 in continuo.

In the artificial incorporation of the state and firm these resources can be directed at one individual or small group. This in itself is totalitarian and abuse is almost sure to be linked to law enforcement or what Homeland Security.

If you are asking?:

  • Why are people harassing me
  • Why are my coworkers harassing me
  • Why are my family and friends harassing me
  • Why is someone entering my home when I am at work
  • Why are chemicals and contaminants being put in my food
  • Why are chemical and contaminants being put in my home and car
  • Why is street theatre, skits, and hazing occurring around me

Here one can ask why are my superiors at work allowing such to occur?

The United States has degraded to where the CIS and Latin America are where the police are recruiting what are real gang structures and other informal informants to attack natural persons and citizens.

A diseconomy of scale is occurring where decreasing productivity and increasing costs occur. This means divesting non-performing assets and terminating non-performing managers.

The CEO is no where to be seen or heard from through this time period. Many have made extraordinary salaries and many firms destroyed.

Both private and non-profit management is no match at present to an emergent police state that has destroyed untold value in lives, tangible, and intangible assets.

In order for me to move to Northern California, the Colorado River, Owens River, Lake Mono. Lake Tahoe, and Lake Almanor will be despoiled.

Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe have all made product releases as the Kin Phone, Ipad, and Photoshop in the last month.