Friday, December 23, 2011

Networking and Leadership


There is a marked contrast in real world conditions of social control and what leadership is proffering. The gentle abstractions of social justice and opportunity are mirages and veneers in parity with reality. The implementation and acceptance of democracy worldwide in places as the CIS has been contrasted by a blackout.

A blackout is what I believe is censoring of one individual or a small group. Consider, if certain professional teams do not sellout in their home market than their game is blacked out. The blackout is a complement therefore to censorship and sanitization.

I am writing under a blackout. This concept is very crucial for the American Presidency especially from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama. Many of the historical claims regarding this era of Irrational Presidents will be falsified and confounded.

Recently Kim Jong Ill a totalitarian leader of North Korea has passed. It does not appear that this state will experience any large scale liberalization.

The political experiment at hand provides that the average person would rather defect to totalitarianism than cooperated with existing laws and confront such.

The United States is in a post-industrial age where networking is prominent. It however is in a dependency in this country with an informant based population.

Hence the sense of community as it is being studied. Social control should maintain the system. Here it is catabolic. Negentropy or new energy should develop new members. Here a purge of informants has developed and been condoned by sworn leadership.

An environmental analysis can be external or internal. Here the threats to the system should be measured and a control system put in place to check such. Hence the EU is monetizing debt and NATO has deposed Gaddafi in Libya.

The use of the blackout will create a bubble. These bubbles are designed to burst. This in itself will sweep out many junk social theorists and historians in that they have not acknowledged the concrete history that occurred.

The prosecution of corrupt actors will negate their work.

Thrasymachus of Plato’s Republic re-emerges as an archetypical figure.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The End of 2011

Obama claims the middle class is at a tipping point. Why is he not stopping and Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth that will destroy their health and tangible property?

The end of the year brings the possibility of a blowback recession merging into the 2012 Presidential Election. Herman Cain has exited under persistent claims of sexual misconduct.

The EU has agreed to a treaty that will balance all members budgets save the UK. Today December 10, 2011 is Human Rights Day.

The lack of communication from leadership and their credibility does not foster well for the wellbeing of the human race.

Debased fiat money is monetizing the debt at marginal interest rates that are so inflationary the average person will not repay the principal.

Consider, if a couple were to purchase a $300,000 home in California at 6% they will pay over $600,000 this home after 30 years. They should be earning at least $60,000 to qualify. In San Diego the average family earns about $70,000.

I seriously doubt that at $600,000 per home the average couple will earn $125,000.

Any intelligent person would sell at $350,000 certainly before $400,000 as inflation will crowd out interests and the markets will crash to be propped up by more fiat money.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scenario Analysis

Scenario analysis is a fundamental tool that firms use to think strategically about the future. In this consideration how are uncertainties to be dealt with and contingency plans? Scenarios developed involve multiple plausible stories about the future. Here an assessment of the implications of future variables as economics and operating strategies may be modeled. The present tactic stated in the text argue that a strict min-max philosophy does not prevail. Hence scenarios reflect less than a perfect market and do not necessarily have to include a ultimate doomsday projection. Conversely in public foreign policy a Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) scenarios are developed concerning Nuclear, Biological or Chemical attacks.

Futurist Peter Schwartz in discusses seven steps in scenario planning:

1. Determine area, scope, and timing with greatest relevance to your organization.

2. Research existing conditions and trends in obvious and non-obvious perspectives.

3. Examine the drivers or key factors that will control the outcome.

4. Construct multiple stories of possible outcomes.

5. Play out the impact of each hypothetical future.

6. Examine your and look for actions common to all scenarios.

7. Monitor develops with a key to triggering your early response system.

De Kluyver and Pearce indentify four factors that your scenario should include:

1. Relevance to users. (CEO or middle management).

2. Internal consistency.

3. Descriptiveness regarding futures that are different, than variations.

4. Scenarios that will be able to be acted upon in an enduring environment. This is contrast to a future that will be short-lived for the organization.

Hence the value lies in making these scenarios occur if the triggering conditions exist. Hence if you were a metals firm selling gold, now would be optimal if you were buying in increments from when the price was $1000 an oz.

In your scenario you could program a sell order for a percentage of your portfolio.

If such planning has no relevance and all the planning is a strawman it is a distraction for immediate concrete decision making and should not be the controlling factor.

What is important is the transformational character that scenario analysis creates in strategic planning, contingency and operational decisions. It helps establish a learning curve that could be useful in overall decision making over time.

Ball, D. A.,  Geringer, M., Minor, M., and McNett, J. International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition. 12th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2010.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Failure of Leadership

tycho Tycho

The nature of leadership has not developed a response that is independent from political tyranny. On the contrary it has become more dependent and an enabler of abuse. The  allegations of abuse  are not necessarily from the LDC nation-states. Here in the United States, the top firms have suffered extreme losses on their tangible assets as properties.

In California this is likely to be pronounced. Core inflation is an increasingly poor measure to calculate the purchasing power since the 1930s. This in combination with product substitution does not accurately define the quality of goods and services gained or lost due to inflation.

The creation of wealth and storage in a value must be measured against real inflation. Crowding out has occurred in food, housing, education, and health care to the point that an individual earning $20,000 per year in the United States can not consistently house, feed, have legal transportation, raise a family, go to the doctor and send their children to college.

The debasing of the currency with fiat money and reckless cash creation and lending at variable rate interests have formed a conspiracy where the wealthiest earners and contract writers earn the inflation rate or better while the average person is losing year after a year.

Consider the costs of my textbooks. I was quoted about $160 each for two textbooks one for International Business and the other for Procedures of Criminal Law. $320 for two courses. The courses are relatively fairly priced at $700 each. This is just over $1700.

Westmont is the most expensive school in the United States now at $41,000. Cornell is about $39,000 for the highest in the Ivy League.

Here I will state that the contributions I have made regarding Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth, are free and more accurate than the sanitization that is being made at the highest dollar.

The CEO leadership as our past five presidents will be re-examined based on the cooked books of impunity.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Singularity Institute


The Singularity Institute is one of the many organizations that have emerged to promote Technological Singularity. Concerned primarily with friendly Artificial Intelligence and whether such is possible at all, this group takes the analytical abstraction seriously.

My concern with Technological Singularity is the devs or developers of technology have not considered the cultural dimension with any intensity.


Big Pine CA

There is an ongoing Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth manifesting in California with Inyo and Mono Counties hit directly of this writing.

A concern is the emergence of intelligence and consciousness from Complexity. Man in the 21st Century has shown capabilities of producing thinking machines that are approaching the skill of humans with possibility of machines overtaking humans,

This skill is called Superintelligence. I believe that such will be basically within the engineering domain.

Consider that the last 100 years has produced two World Wars and several genocides of 500,000 persons.

The last five United States presidents now headed by Barack Obama have condoned serious Systematic Human Rights events here.

The allegation is that Cambridge University of the UK has authored these attacks.

Singularity appears imitative of Marxism in that Superintelligence is projected onto machines into the future date of 2045.

Socialism was never achieved due to the lack of a proletariat class emerging.

Hence the fetish with superiority simply resurrects itself from age to age.

What is a concern is the lack of volition and apperception of the Singularity movement.

The Herd Man has surrounded the Great Man and managed to drag him down.


Mission Statement

The Singularity Institute brings rational analysis and rational strategy to the challenges facing humanity as we develop cognitive technologies that will exceed the current upper bounds on human intelligence. Inspired by the latest science of human fallibility, we strive to correct the biases that run wild in standard futurism and philanthropy; we convene the annual Singularity Summit to coordinate and educate scientists and other concerned individuals on these issues; inspire our Visiting Fellows from college students to PhDs to address these issues in their future careers; and support our Research Fellows as they engage in original research on topics ranging from human rationality and cognitive enhancement to foundational research in Artificial Intelligence.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ask the Wizard For A Brain…

Birther Conspiracy Theories have trapped President Obama in a Red Herring – Strawman. Obama has no one to blame but himself for setting the stage for innuendo. The issue of whether Obama was born in Kenya or possibly Indonesia has plagued him for over two years.


Obama has done nothing to recognize the storyboarding of his presidency that could lead to to his prosecution on human rights charges. The Salton Sea in California remains cruelly despoiled by a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth.

Possible 2012 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has used this issue as well as questioning Obama’s education. Obama has graduated from Columbia and went to Harvard Law School where he graduated magna cum laude.

As Obama states referring to a backstage comment “It is amazing that he is not going to discuss National Security,”.

Obama is certainly not optimizing his term to facilitate the posterity of the nation and our children’s children as he alludes to.

Obama concludes:

We live in a serious time right now and we have the potential to deal with the issues that we confront in a way that will make our kids and our grandkids and our great grandkids proud. And I have every confidence that America in the 21st century is going to be able to come out on top just like we always have. But we're going to have to get serious to do it.

I know that there's going to be a segment of people for which, no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. But I'm speaking to the vast majority of the American people, as well as to the press. We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We've got better stuff to do. I've got better stuff to do. We've got big problems to solve. And I'm confident we can solve them, but we're going to have to focus on them -- not on this.

Obama does not follow his own lead. There are over 1 million persons who are HIV/AIDS positive living through this miscalculation and escalation.

If the Future’s Future wishes to reference the sincerity of sworn leadership on National Security this release by the Whitehouse reflects the level of chaos that pervades the United States since June 17, 1987.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Da Ichi Sankyo




CEO Joji Nakayama

da ichi

Corporate Structure

Since the catastrophic earthquake on March 11, 2011, the role of both the Japanese government and Daichi Sankyo has come into prominence. Daichi is the owner and a major pharmaceutical concern.

Fukushima was hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. Six nuclear reactors have been effected with four in trouble.

fukushima Daiichi: What went wrong

  • Reactor 1: Was first to be rocked by an explosion on Saturday; fuel rods reportedly 70% damaged
  • Reactor 2: There are fears a blast on Tuesday breached a containment system; fuel rods reportedly 33% damaged
  • Reactor 3: Explosion on Monday; smoke or steam seen rising on Wednesday; damage to roof and possibly also to a containment system
  • Reactor 4: Hit by a major blaze (possible blast) on Tuesday and another fire on Wednesday

Radiation has been detected in Tokyo 140 miles away.

Fukushima Daiichi, relies mainly on electrical systems to power the emergency cooling of its reactors. This design failed during the  earthquake and tsunami. Isolation condensers, by contrast, don't require electric power. The power and backup generators failed.Cooling water could not be pumped to the nuclear fuel. Overheating then led to explosions, fires and a significant release of radiation.

Levels of 400 millisieverts per hour have been registered at the plan. A few hours of exposure to this dose-level could cause radiation sickness. A of 10 millisieverts per hour or lower has persisted at the site. (A spinal X-ray delivers roughly one millisievert of radiation, a CT scan delivers a dose of 15 millisieverts.)

The quake disabled the pumps providing water to cool the nuclear rods. Power is being restored to the plant. Very desperate measures of dousing the cooling the reactors with seawater have been undertaken.

The coordination of the Japanese government and corporate management of the crisis will likely provide structure to the future of the nuclear movement worldwide.

Unrest is already being voiced in Germany. Chancellor Merkel has signaled that she would guide her country to renewable energy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Singularity: Benefit or Cost??

Dear Mr. Kurzweil,

I have decided to write you today on February 12, 2011. My name is David Nollmeyer.

Today is the 4th Anniversary of what is code named Radhanatha. In 2007 all of the surface water as the Colorado River near Blythe, California became chemically contaminated. Water is also contaminated that runs from taps in all buildings and outlets near me. This was is also true for products manufactured all over the world and sent to my vicinity.

This event is alleged to be designed by Cambridge Law School. Cambridge University was the top rated university in 2010.

This attack on my natural person began in a manifest sense on June 17, 1987. This is the 200th Anniversary of the United States Constitution. This document is the suprasystem of our country and contains the Bill of Rights of which I have been alienated from.

I have not had clean water to drink in four years but I have still managed to survive an intense Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth program almost 24 years without official recognition.

This is operation is code named Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC. It is just a nom de guerra of the professorship, but real.

This attack is a live human experiment in support of sabotage to The Singularity you predict will occur in 2045. Since I am 49.5 years of age, one day older than President Barack, and MOEC has run for 24 years, by 2017 it may terminate into electronic stalking.

There is an objective linear attack on human civilization with a red herring attached which is based on romance. This latter subsystem is polymorphous perversity based.
There are two subsystems of MOEC divided into three components:

Lycurgus Akbar
Conventional Warfare 

Targeted Chemical Assaults

Electronic Surveillance 

Gang Stalking
Strategic Warfare - Nuclear - Biological – Chemical

Full Blown Chemical Assaults - Targeted Chemical Assaults

Electronic Surveillance

Gang Stalking


As seen we are in the Akbar Stage. This data is real and designed to dismiss court cases. I have over 26 federal lawsuits.

MOEC has a strategic mission of Gay Marriage and retribution of LGBTi history. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is running a Gay Militia designed from Cambridge.

They are a Joe Virus. Hence this is similar to a bot army attacking a server. Inferior level provocateurs engage superior persons and then hand off the conflict to superior persons of their paradigm after injury to the opposing superior persons.

An example, I have decided to pursue Computer Science in this format: 1. HTML 2. JavaScript 3. PHP 4. C# (or equivalent) 5. Python.

If I begin to describe basic scripting, I have taken a college course in FrontPage, LAPD will attack me when they begin to fail at being conversant. This entails attacking with sexual language concerning sexual activity of college aged females and same - sex behavior of mails. Attempting to rationalize this by substitution or addition is absurd.

The analogy to humans and computers, hence The Singularity should not be understated.

I am pure heterosexual. I have never been engaged in same sex activity. I am a ritvik Hare Krishna whose rasa or spiritual emotion is Madhurya, a conjugal rasa. My Vedic Identity (Krishna) has developed a certain defense mechanism which I would consider non-mechanistic with some electro-chemical structural adaptations to torture.

Here I would confirm that culture creates it’s own elimination. Your analysis on computer hardware is excellent and appears transparent. I do not envision that humans are able to program the crystal or emotional inductive elements which complement our linear or quantitative reasoning.

I understand that Singularity in a perfect sense must develop in the universal abstract for optimization. If you do not recognize the model use against me and my response, faith and resiliency, which has a concrete history, I reject defection to this mobilization,(MOEC appears to be a delayed response to Nazism with Gay Irrationalism - a tit for tat reprisal that is static), then I do not believe that min max thinking is being built into the support culture that directly develops high end computer systems.

I am near the Salton Sea which was created by a so-called engineering mistake. I argue that this was not a mistake but part of  storyboarding state engineering. The Salton Sea is a Scorched Earth. This would entail mass defection to develop. Currently there is nearly a 100% censorship worldwide except for and the Gang Stalking community.

My small HTML based test site on Singularity has been hacked.

The correct has had the file changed and misspelled by the Gay Militia.

I will write non-technical critical material arguing that the hardware will easily be made in support of The Singularity. With a total censorship and sanitization of my systematic torture, the culture is not capable of using advanced technology without attacking or marginalizing another part of the human race.

Consider that there are now an estimated 600,000 living HIV/AIDS positive persons out of an estimated 1.3 million person caseload since 1981. As open systems to the environment these persons form the next group of persons to be heavily damaged by a Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth.

I am beginning to complement my conditions by HIV/AIDS advocacy and confronting the LGBTi advocacy groups that are defected and sanitizing concrete reality to these HIV/AIDS victims survival.

By Kuhn - Popper Methodologies confounding or falsifying work on Singularity in the concrete will not be difficult.

I am asking you and the academic community to confront President Obama on his de facto and ommissive behavior.

Thank you for your consideration.

David Nollmeyer
February 12, 2011
Along The Salton Sea CA

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Informant: The Invertebration of Civilization

brown2 Inauguration of Governor Jerry Brown California


Twenty three years hence into a systematic entrapment of the human civilization through the United States by what appears to be Male Same Sex Male MSM British Scholars from Cambridge University, I feel compelled to begin an overall capstone to MOEC Studies. This is based on prisoner’s dilemma and the creation of an informant personality that would function universally in all truth systems.

This is based on the Deification of the LGBTi platform.

The conflict is based on LGBTi (homosexuality) versus Opposite Sex (heterosexuality) Los Angeles Police Department is the delivery method and whose orientation is LGBTi, mainly MSM on the attack on my person. I clearly represent the opposite sex - straight - heterosexual side.

The entire event is based on the particularity of using this experiment to prove whether genetics - determinism and socialization - learning would create a same sex person. This has failed and has created one of the most severe disasters in human history. I have emerged 100 percent heterosexual with no same sex partners or acts in my entire life.

Inverting the Theory of Laws: 1. Eternal Law 2. Natural 3. Positive Law through conditioning transfers loyalty from the inverted system to the Origin. In particularity would be my own choice faith and thus other major systems. This develops a system of hegemonic fatalism and dependency.

There is also a serious attack especially on Gaudiya Vaishnavism of which I pertain. This can be construed as the Hare Krishna Movement. This needs to be understood because the typical devotees in orange robes and shaved heads seen often throughout the world pertain to different Mathas or schools although their beliefs are similar.

Prisoner’s dilemma creates a defection pattern when used against the particularity of human laws creates a Racketeered Influenced Corrupt Organization reverse sting entrapment similar to what is used in drug dealing and prostitution. The police or homeland security officer as they are know labeled in the United States are not permitted to use, manufacture, or possess and criminal contraband or be an accomplice, aid, abet, or participate in any criminal activity.

In degree an informant trades information or is flipped. One may:

Bust down - traditional reverse sting. This is preferred. The connection is usually defected against a customer.
Bust up - Step ladder. Bust up. This is when the customer entraps his connection. This is not preferred as it the traditional snitch scenario.
Bust Across - Take Down. Very messy. This is gang warfare. This can be making one hot, lighting one up(exposing one) and actual violence.

If every economic activity was controlled by de facto or corrupt police this would reflect a mafia culture where all activities would involve being an informant, blackmail, and extortion to survive. There are areas in Central America where extortion can be over 50% to remain in business to gangs and the police 1.

Currently it is January of 2011. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has ended his two terms of tenure being replaced by Jerry Brown.. I argue he is the worst governor in the history of the United States. I am in Desert Shores, California and the entire Salton Sea is Chemically Despoiled.

This disaster is irrational. There is no moral legal coherent explanation other than the sworn official are delivering blackmail and extortion to keep a nearly 100 percent censorship on 6.8 billion persons in place.

In has been deduced that the following in this order has the greatest chance of ending the conflict:

Chemical Assault
Electronic surveillance

As I am over 49 years of age, I have entered into midlife surprisingly gracefully from a cosmetic standpoint. The arc of lifespan also is a major factor in determining one’s entry into a position of opposition. The human race is an informant based counter culture. I say this in part because the modus operandi of defection against faith, morality, reason, and rule of law is widely distributed an reinforced with quid pro quos guaranteeing everything from sex, marriage, jobs, drugs, money, and other forms of payment for defection.

It appears the most powerful families are implicated in a continuing march into history of the Informant State.

The negative externality for the United States and the LGBTi platform here is that the defeat her benefit’s the materialist schools of Marxist Leninism. At this point in time China, North Korea, and Cuba are the remnants of this worldview. It has been postulated that an equilibrium of Czech under Totalitarian Social Welfare would be the future equilibrium of the nation-state. My personal opinion is shifting to a larger and more brutal structure with possible smaller benign regimes as Czechoslovakia as to the USSR.

Currently the zeitgeist is witnessing the acculturation of the citizenry through a marginal reinforcement towards being informants. This activity is in itself a purge. Here primary rights are superseded by secondary rights. In effect the duties of sworn law enforcement is placed in front of the citizens they are duty bound to protect. Hence this is a form of irrationalism and pre-fascism.

1.# Clarifying this general distinction between the economic structure (E) and the legal-political superstructure (S) is a set of specific distinctions. These are:

The relations S involves are in terms of formal rights and obligations; whereas the relations E involves are in terms of effective powers and constraints (GID, 80 and 352-59) .S is the de jure representative of "the general interest" whereas E is the de facto organization of particular, material interests (GID, 45-46, 78).S's form is visible and institutional; whereas E's form is concealed and unacknowledged (CII, 791).