Friday, December 23, 2011

Networking and Leadership


There is a marked contrast in real world conditions of social control and what leadership is proffering. The gentle abstractions of social justice and opportunity are mirages and veneers in parity with reality. The implementation and acceptance of democracy worldwide in places as the CIS has been contrasted by a blackout.

A blackout is what I believe is censoring of one individual or a small group. Consider, if certain professional teams do not sellout in their home market than their game is blacked out. The blackout is a complement therefore to censorship and sanitization.

I am writing under a blackout. This concept is very crucial for the American Presidency especially from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama. Many of the historical claims regarding this era of Irrational Presidents will be falsified and confounded.

Recently Kim Jong Ill a totalitarian leader of North Korea has passed. It does not appear that this state will experience any large scale liberalization.

The political experiment at hand provides that the average person would rather defect to totalitarianism than cooperated with existing laws and confront such.

The United States is in a post-industrial age where networking is prominent. It however is in a dependency in this country with an informant based population.

Hence the sense of community as it is being studied. Social control should maintain the system. Here it is catabolic. Negentropy or new energy should develop new members. Here a purge of informants has developed and been condoned by sworn leadership.

An environmental analysis can be external or internal. Here the threats to the system should be measured and a control system put in place to check such. Hence the EU is monetizing debt and NATO has deposed Gaddafi in Libya.

The use of the blackout will create a bubble. These bubbles are designed to burst. This in itself will sweep out many junk social theorists and historians in that they have not acknowledged the concrete history that occurred.

The prosecution of corrupt actors will negate their work.

Thrasymachus of Plato’s Republic re-emerges as an archetypical figure.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The End of 2011

Obama claims the middle class is at a tipping point. Why is he not stopping and Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth that will destroy their health and tangible property?

The end of the year brings the possibility of a blowback recession merging into the 2012 Presidential Election. Herman Cain has exited under persistent claims of sexual misconduct.

The EU has agreed to a treaty that will balance all members budgets save the UK. Today December 10, 2011 is Human Rights Day.

The lack of communication from leadership and their credibility does not foster well for the wellbeing of the human race.

Debased fiat money is monetizing the debt at marginal interest rates that are so inflationary the average person will not repay the principal.

Consider, if a couple were to purchase a $300,000 home in California at 6% they will pay over $600,000 this home after 30 years. They should be earning at least $60,000 to qualify. In San Diego the average family earns about $70,000.

I seriously doubt that at $600,000 per home the average couple will earn $125,000.

Any intelligent person would sell at $350,000 certainly before $400,000 as inflation will crowd out interests and the markets will crash to be propped up by more fiat money.