Sunday, July 26, 2009

Restructuring the Strategic Mission

Currently I have had to attempt a system restoration due to the deleting of extensions due to the Quicktime application.

In spite of the calamity the Asus 1000he works better now than it did when I first started it up. This could of have been due to the new battery.

In this degree technology is advancing while culture is degrading. The CEO of the transnational firm has yet to emerge as a true leader of justice and equality but then again who has?

The current vacuum of a true strong world leader or market maker in this prolonged recession will dictate some form of new competitive strategy to take advantage of the weak competition.

Crime structures as the Mexican Mafias appear to be getting stronger and more global due to chaos and armed warfare.

Barack Obama has yet to deal with this as health care is the immediate need.

In the short run I will install my old software and am considering a youtube attack.

A new site on is:

Westwood CA