Monday, June 25, 2012

State Sponsored Crime



Mobile Set Up

When the State begins to attack it’s citizens private firms are usually co-opted into the machinery of torture. Corporate America has openly condoned a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program since 1987. California is an ecological disaster as is much of the southwest. Corporate CEOs have been overpaid when considering the real damage to their tangible assets is not accountable for.

The attack appears to be designed by Cambridge Law School lawyers who themselves were being exposed. A pre-arranged rigged economy of blackmail and extortion is being uncovered bringing into question the leadership and managerial skills of the CEO.

In consideration of TEDTalks These so-called experts have yet to even admit that a concrete attack has occurred. This will implicate the five Irrationalist presidents – Reagan – Obama. Here Obama will only be 51 on August 4, 2012.

Obama is the Singularity Target

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are permitted by state terror intimidation to live in a historical bubble. TEDTalk speakers attempt to brand a future of abundance. This does not take into account the ecological damage in the United States and to corporate holdings, litigation over fiduciary incompetence and host of other damages as stalking by their employees.

In Africa which is at the bottom of LDCs it easy to argue that they are in exponential shift. The United States is in a post-industrial shift of diminishing marginally returns and stagflation.

By 2015 inflation will erode another 10 percent of real purchasing power not a basket of goods designed to negate COLA or cost of living allowance increases by the government. The lowest quintile in the United States earns about $20,000 USD which will be $18,000 or less. Americans have lost 40% off their wealth since 2008. Recessions occur every 55 months. So in 2015 or later the next drawback should be under way.

Here the Singularity is being exposed as censorship and sanitization. Artificial Intelligence is beibng developed to cover the tracks of war crimes committed by the State.

TEDTalks but there is no walk. Who is going to brand the compensation fund for all the despoliation of health and property in the United States?

Compare TEDTalks to the Gay Militia run out of LAPD. These actors are driving a contrived ideology og Gay Irrationalism – Gay Know Nothing to invert society with a bottom ten percent versus the upper ten percent confrontation. If apologists emerge to support these criminal actions Gay Fascism emerges. Is TEDTalks and other corporation the face of New Fascism?

Actions speak louder than words.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Damage to CEOs and Sworn Officials


Barack Obama


Mitt Romney

As the damage from the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth escalates both sworn officials and CEOs are damaged. These actors are receiving the most benefit and are also at risk. The blackmail and extortion necessary to maintain the censorship and sanitization is massive requiring a quantum of force.

The bottom ten percent of the population is a serious risk. Employment is scarce, food, fuel, housing, medical care, and education are all real costs that are being born. A new recession could occur with a strike on Iran or normally after 2015.

Bird Flu has been cited as having a risk for mutation. HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, MDR Gonorrhea – Tuberculosis, Obesity, and Diabetes all are increasing risk factors. The inflationary cost while the attack is in continuo reflects the culture of corruption and incompetence.

I am similar to a hanging pawn in a chess match.

There is no doubt that historically I will win. The issue is that I desire to see legal justice in my lifetime.

It is also curious to note that Singularity groups should realize that a forming part of the Machinery of Torture by not recognizing human rights abuses by the United States. Predicting a future where a world of Artificial Intelligence programs can help redesign the victims of a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program is disingenuous.

Singularity has been developed in part from the White Lie or Nobel Fiction of Plato.

I mention this because there is a dialectical line of thought that implicates Cambridge University here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Destruction of Life and Wealth


Barack Obama

As history unfolds and volition increases as damages to both life and property increase the bogus cocoon created around the Presidency of the United States takes on new dimensions.

Barack Obama has been strongly supported by Warren Buffet whose Gieco Insurance would sustain heavy liabilities if the current hoax concerning Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth would.

The Sage of Omaha and Berkshire Hathaway's CEO isn't likely to want to leave his investing powerhouse.

Warren Buffet

I believe that his annual lunch sold for excess of $3 million USD in 2012.

Buffet would no longer be the Oracle of Omaha and maybe one of the greatest blunders of all time.


Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney whose wealth is estimated at perhaps $250 million USD does not speak from the concrete reality either.

Who is the best business school? Are these inflated degrees going to withstand a Botany Bay in the United States?

A correct SWOT Environmental Analysis has not been made and those analysts who charge for consultations obviously are earning money for nothing. They too, could share in the fiduciary liabilities that will unfold into the future.

Obama is not the Cinderella Man that he appears to be. His wife Michelle is truly a Cinderella Girl. If she outlives him she may inherit the noxious legacy that Barack is leaving in his wake as he follows The Yellow Brick Road into history.

Barack Obama has made significant contributions to the LGBTi Movement. It is however his own false ego that has been paired with the alleged espionage of what is likely a Cambridge Law School Storyboard entrapment just as in the classic film the Entertainer.

There is little doubt that MSM police officers of LAPD  have become entangled in a Blackmail and Extortion ring. They need to keep escalating the attack or get prosecuted or take chances on the street.

Once someone starts delivering blackmail and it only gets worse.

The current crop of CEOs are too weak to put their money on the table and go after the pirates that have invaded our civilization.