Monday, September 28, 2009

Republicans: A Failed Political Philosophy

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The current rout of the GOP after the banking and mortgage failure is do to a failed political philosophy and greed.

The obvious process and structure that Democrats and Republicans fail to recognize is that there is a 22 year old Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth that is in continuo.

The Republicans are more to blame at the present but this is changing daily.

A party platform based simply on lower taxes and smaller government is stale. On principles, the GOP has already moved away from morality towards economics which benefits such demographically but is a shift from principle to counting votes.

The GOP needs to be creative in the GREEN or Environmental area. There is moral ground as well as economic opportunity here. The 60 year and older club may have their pockets lined by older industry but the future is in sustainable resources. The GOP needs to analyze the political topography based more on reality than their static pitchmen and their monied interests.

Homeland Security and anti-corruption are two other areas that are neglected to the so-called fiscal conservative posture that lead the nation into a tulip bulb bubble which burst because the GOP could not practice their own political philosophy.

The future is going to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY for the damage done.

Overall it is the culture that creates the mode of it’s own elimination.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Obama Rejects Bush Era European Defense System

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama and Republican Counterparts are part of a Perfect Dictatorship. Show bottle Homeland Security is no substitute for real action. Using a red herring to deflect attention away from a domestic Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth is a cowardly act on both sides. Reality demonstrates on this day severe contamination in Northern California and Nevada. Since Obama is the Chief Executive it is appropriate to point out that neither he nor Rep. Eric Cantor R – Virginia are setting a good example for executive leadership.

President Obama has proffered a new paradigm for Europe’s defense.

"It is more comprehensive than the previous program, it deploys capabilities that are proven and cost effective, and it sustains and builds upon our commitment to protect the U.S. homeland," he said.

With the announcement, Washington scrapped what had become a politically troublesome plan, and one the Pentagon says was ill-suited to the true threat from Iran. In its place would be a system the Pentagon contends will accomplish the original goal and more.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Iran's changing capabilities drove the decision, but he acknowledged that the replacement system is likely to allay some of Russia's concerns.

Obama also made a pointed reference to Russia and its heated objections to the shield. "Its concerns about our previous missile defense programs were entirely unfounded," Obama said.

Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the second-ranking Republican in the House, said he would "work to overturn this wrong-headed policy."

"Scrapping our missile defense effort in Europe has severe consequences for our diplomatic relations and weakens our national security," Cantor said in a statement. "Our allies, especially Poland and the Czech Republic, deserve better and our people deserve smarter and safer."

The new plan would rely sea and land-based sensors and interceptor missiles intended as a bulwark against Iranian short- and medium-range missiles.


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