Saturday, January 19, 2013

Open Letter: Heritage Foundation



George HW Bush

Dear Heritage Foundation,

As an organization that claims to be concerned with preservation of conservatism, the creation of leadership, and preserving the American Constitution, I find it disturbing that you have not Officially Recognized the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program that has attacked the United States and the human race.

I am currently adjacent to the Salton Sea, California and it is chemically despoiled. Barack Obama will be inaugurated on Sunday, January 20, 2013. He has won two United States Presidential Elections and will be inaugurated for the second occasion while this atrocity has occurred.

My position is that the United Kingdom i.e.; Cambridge Law School has designed the attack. My information postulates that Mobilization of Empire and Civilization or MOEC was designed as a duel between homosexual and heterosexual academics. It appears that Rise of the Third Reich in the 1880s created a reactionary response from the British. The use of clandestine Chemical Assaults became in use due to the fear of the Reich in Germany. As their system became more secure, the Christian heterosexuals, most likely from Trinity College, wished for the operation to be exposed. A clique of Gay male lawyers were against this.

As a result of this confrontation a contest was designed to aim this program at the United States with a Strategic Mission of Gay Marriage.

In degree, there is a Crime Against the Human Race and Treason against the United Kingdom – United States. This is designed to occur through Scotland Yard, LAPD, State of California, LGBTi Movement and attack the United States it’s Constitution, President, and citizens and natural persons in residence.

MOEC is being facilitated by an all-male Gay Militia with cells in LAPD.

The manifest attack became cognizant to then President Ronald Reagan on June 17, 1987 while I was in Dover, Delaware.

A result of this event is the entrapment of the Irrationalist Presidents:

Ronald Reagan

George HW Bush

William Clinton

George W Bush

Barack Obama

The creation of Gay Irrationalism – Gay Know Nothing is a precursor to Gay Fascism if academics emerge as apologists.

The pronounced use of defection and undermining cannot be stated.

A spillover of this attack is Eugenics in a prisoner’s dilemma format embedded within a theater of war format or Storyboard. In short I am one day older than Barack Obama being born August 3, 1961 in Roswell, New Mexico.

This attack is imposed over my natural person and citizenship. I notice that Edwin Meese is cited as an authority on the Rule of Law on your site. The alienation of my Eight Amendment right to remain free from cruel and unusual treatment, and my Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection and Due Process make Meese a dubious figure in the Conservative Movement.

My rights were alienated and sold off due my being a heterosexual male. Hence this is a sexual based qualification for rights.

As a result the Collapse of the Anglo American Paradigm – Atlantic Group or NATO is in escalated stage.

Who will this benefit? After the collapse of every Irrationalist Government that I know of in the 1900s, such was replaced by a socialist government.


The Heritage Foundation as well as the Social Progressive leaders in the LGBTi Movement are more than conspicuous in their absence. I seek criminal and civil judgment. I am also totally concerned with historical documentation and education concerning this attack. All competent duty bound officials in the United States are facing a possible Nuremberg styled trial in the United States. Barack Obama is the Singularity Target. The rise of Supercomputers will have to prosecute him or any surviving competent officials or this concept is a Strawman.

The use of live experimentation on humans is a disgrace to the United States and it’s Constitution which would have protected them if a competent person was the President.

Christianity, conservatism, and the Anglo – American philosophy and jurisprudence are undermined and growing static under the American Vichy.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bhakta David Nollmeyer

Salton Sea Beach, California

January 19, 2013


Mobilization of Empire and Civilization