Monday, January 11, 2010

The Beginning of the Decade…


David Nollmeyer Circa 2-15-2007 Parker AZ

david 7-17-09

Westwood June 17, 2008

The new year also begins a new decade is search of a sustainable recovery. China has just replaced Germany as the world’s largest exporter. This is based on exports of $1.2 trillion dollars. Crude oil based on Chinese demand is pushing the $84 a barrel level.

Gold is holding over $1,100 with silver approaching $19 per ounce.

These salient features only are manifest adaption's to the risk and emergence of old and new economic structures.

The risk is in the lack of recognition and rule of law in all countries. The United States is still in a mythology of epic proportions with a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth ongoing since the 200th Anniversary of it’s Constitution, June 17, 1987.

I have not logged on today. A federal court case attempting to legalize Gay Marriage was set to open in San Francisco today.

The Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth is being lead by de facto LGBTi concerns in LAPD.

I continue to support traditional or opposite-sex marriage.

The spectre of homegrown terror appears to have arrived with attacks in Texas by Officer Hanson on behalf of his Islamic faith.

The CEO of the private firm is no where to to be seen as far as challenging the risks that would debilitate a private corporation.

Land based piracy appears to be the trend with the culture willing to consume such.

Avatar a 3D film about a moon, Pandora with an environment toxic to humans has it’s protagonists in the Na” Vi seven to nine foot tall tribesperson defending their culture against human military aggressors attempting to mine unobtanium.


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Ars Longa, Vita Brevis…