Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Reagan to Obama Mythology


Ronald Reagan


Barack Obama

The Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama presidencies have prima facie presided over a domestic Chemical Assault - Scorched Earth program. Gay Militants operating out of LAPD alienated my Bill of Rights protections thereby attacking my citizenship that Reagan had sworn to protect. Reagan has died without identifying LAPD and the Gay Militants as the proximate cause in the United States. The allegation is that Cambridge Law School of the United Kingdom is the proximate cause.

As seen eliminating Reagan who has died did not terminate the attack. There are four predecessors who have taken office. Barack Obama is the least credible and most guilty in what is a Crime Against Humanity.

My information is that LAPD is the proximate cause in the United States. Eliminating 4 to 10 MSM or Men Who Sex With Men officers would end the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth but maintain in part a system of no more than 500 officers who coordinate the logistics for the attack.

The Colorado River is despoiled and if you touch a wheat bale or walk into a field here you risk getting BURNED.

Sine qua non defines the actor who if removed the crime is terminated.

Ronald Reagan has left office and died. He did not identify those actors who attacked the citizens and state he was sworn to protect.

The attack is LGBTi (heterosexual) versus opposite sex (heterosexual).

I have been alienated from my Bill of Rights protections due to being an exclusive heterosexual my entire life. What this means is that I have never engaged in Same Sex. Since I am ritvik hare Krishna I maintain a spiritual identity as a bhakta or servant of Krishna. The Vedas or the scriptures do not support same sex activity or marriage.

Unlike Reagan or the LAPD Gay Militia I am more than willing to expose the briefing that I have been given, my field observations, and comments many which are sworn and/or sent to sworn officers of the United States or a state as California.

Ronald Reagan DID NOT ACT WITHIN THE LAW. He permitted these actions to escalate into the presidencies of George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, and Barack Obama.

Technological Singularity Is A Front

The Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program is reverse engineering and a preemptive strike to what is know as Technological Singularity. In 2046 thinking machines are projected to equal than surpass humans in skill. Superintelligence is the ability that the machines would be able to demonstrate.

A Cultural Singularity has occurred with a worldwide censorship and sanitization of 7 billion persons.

In light of concrete reality and not exponential curves the ability for Artificial Intelligence to act as a Moral Agent is diminishing not increasing.

As a crime this action is implicating more officials by the second. Would Mitt Romney be able to walk free by testifying he had nor collusive part as an accomplice as governor of Massachusetts or as a 2012 Presidential Campaigner?

One should not notice that AI at present demonstrated by IBM's Watson is deaf, dumb, and blind. The so-called devs or software coders are projecting a very high degree of competency on a future program which begs the question.

Obama is the Singularity Target

If superintelligence is to occur and is not a tool of the Machinery of Torture and Sanitization it must aid in the legal and historical prosecution of Barack Obama et al. Since Obama will be 51 on August 4, 2012 he will be 79 in 2040.

I personally will legally pursue Obama et al throughout history, the principals, accomplices, and accessories of this Crime Against Humanity.

If Singularity is not a ruse superintelligence is far behind the free will and volition of humans.