Thursday, October 7, 2010

Open Letter to Meg Whitman

meg whitman

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Dear Meg Whitman,

I am writing you from Bishop, California. This town in Inyo County has endured what is a CHEMICAL ASSAULT - SCORCHED EARTH AGAINST HUMANITY since 1990. It therefore contains individuals who have witnessed directly the attack which is imposed over me. The Scorched Earth damages the environment and tangible property. The culture is informant based and the main behavior is Gang Stalking against myself.

This is directed by a cell of LGBTi militants run out of LAPD. I am a lifelong heterosexual male in confrontation with this element. If one would invert my United States Constitutional Rights you will discern the intensity of my alienation.

I have also been a member of the Hare Krishna Movement since I was 16.

This is a religious and gender based HATE CRIME.

These are the four regulative principles of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

No meat eating
No illicit sex - heterosexual sex only for procreation
No drug, alcohol, or marijuana use
No gambling

Vegetarianism is being targeted. I believe I am cleaner on drugs and alcohol than all the candidates. I do not use drugs, alcohol, or marijuana.
I am aware of some of the scripting and entrapping being carried out by LAPD. There are three tasks that the cell of militants lead by a supervisor code-named Dodo cannot carry out: The first two appear objective the third is subjective and a type of summary judgment although in a criminal sense against Governor Schwarzenegger.
Develop a criminal case and turn it over to a prosecutor
Develop a history class at the university level
Develop a movie about this event

The defection model is embedded within the LGBTi paradigm.

Proposition 8 was overturned on August 4 2010 both your and Obama’s birthday. Don’t Ask - Don’t Tell was overturned later in August. The subject of LGBTi persons in the military is soon to be debated.

My right to marry as a heterosexual male has also come under consideration. I have filed a complaint against the governor to the United States Attorney General.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the target and you or Brown will be in 2011. Here is copy and paste storyboard against the Governor.

Bishop, California is my first choice for criminal prosecution. The Gang Stalking here is severe. The damage to both individuals and businesses here is quite severe. An expose on using stalkers at the workplace and to harass persons at work will damage LGBTi law enforcement.

LGBTi persons are the only group to date to fail at law enforcement.

There is catastrophic conflict between LGBTi officers and my person (heterosexual).

The History Of Inyo County reflects the Stalking ON CUE by LAPD.

I am making a legal and historic stand protecting my person, United States Citizenship, and my ritvik Hare Krishna faith against Gang Stalking by LAPD and their informants here in Bishop and other area of California that would directly concern you.

Thank you for you consideration.
Radhe! Radhe

David Nollmeyer
October 7, 2010
Bishop CA