Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Zeitgeist – Open Systems to the Environment




British Petroleum – BP has finally registered some semblance of control over the disintegration of their Gulf Oil Rig. President Obama has admitted that the government has some blame as the system failed.

BP is stating that their siphon is now trapping 2000 barrels per day or 40 percent of the 5000 barrels that they are using as a baseline.

All biological life forms are open systems to the environment. Life needs to incorporate energy in various forms to maintain homeostasis or equilibrium.

The stability of BP itself in this hemisphere has been called into question because of the fallout from this unprecedented spill.

The viability of Obama himself can also be placed into question.

Also in the zeitgeist it appears that Google will has announced that a Chrome OS will appear on a Acer netbook next month. Hewlett Packard is also rumored to be placing a Palm OS on a tablet named Hurricane.

Recently both MacAfee and Norton have contributed to crashes on the Windows XP.

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