Saturday, June 23, 2012

Damage to CEOs and Sworn Officials


Barack Obama


Mitt Romney

As the damage from the Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth escalates both sworn officials and CEOs are damaged. These actors are receiving the most benefit and are also at risk. The blackmail and extortion necessary to maintain the censorship and sanitization is massive requiring a quantum of force.

The bottom ten percent of the population is a serious risk. Employment is scarce, food, fuel, housing, medical care, and education are all real costs that are being born. A new recession could occur with a strike on Iran or normally after 2015.

Bird Flu has been cited as having a risk for mutation. HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, MDR Gonorrhea – Tuberculosis, Obesity, and Diabetes all are increasing risk factors. The inflationary cost while the attack is in continuo reflects the culture of corruption and incompetence.

I am similar to a hanging pawn in a chess match.

There is no doubt that historically I will win. The issue is that I desire to see legal justice in my lifetime.

It is also curious to note that Singularity groups should realize that a forming part of the Machinery of Torture by not recognizing human rights abuses by the United States. Predicting a future where a world of Artificial Intelligence programs can help redesign the victims of a Chemical Assault – Scorched Earth program is disingenuous.

Singularity has been developed in part from the White Lie or Nobel Fiction of Plato.

I mention this because there is a dialectical line of thought that implicates Cambridge University here.

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