Friday, April 25, 2014

Human Resources and Obsolescence

As sanitization and corruption development the workplace more than competence, more rigorous employee testing is prima facie. The world zeitgeist has degraded under Irrationalism since June, 1987.

Espionage is the primary and war by proxy are the modus operandi of Superpowers.

The hedonistic and narcissistic cultural that permeates decline was the result of social engineering read Undermining. Hence the low credit boom bust cycle was orchestrated to lead civilization to where it is at the present.

Robots and automation are poised to displace the informant-criminal for hire whom wishes to work for the police.

The Wizard of Oz was a foil to expose the quid pro quo versus merit based promotion system worldwide.

The corporations that survive under the current system will develop fascism. The lower skilled displaced workers will be placed or forced to live on state programs.

When postal employees are caught throwing mail out of their car and hiding mail this is a signal that the robots are coming.

If I were a 25 year old construction worker, a truck driver, or a cubicle worker running WYSIWYG programs with a family I would reconsider if my job will still be there in 25 years.

These three jobs will not.

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