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Da Ichi Sankyo




CEO Joji Nakayama

da ichi

Corporate Structure

Since the catastrophic earthquake on March 11, 2011, the role of both the Japanese government and Daichi Sankyo has come into prominence. Daichi is the owner and a major pharmaceutical concern.

Fukushima was hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami. Six nuclear reactors have been effected with four in trouble.

fukushima Daiichi: What went wrong

  • Reactor 1: Was first to be rocked by an explosion on Saturday; fuel rods reportedly 70% damaged
  • Reactor 2: There are fears a blast on Tuesday breached a containment system; fuel rods reportedly 33% damaged
  • Reactor 3: Explosion on Monday; smoke or steam seen rising on Wednesday; damage to roof and possibly also to a containment system
  • Reactor 4: Hit by a major blaze (possible blast) on Tuesday and another fire on Wednesday

Radiation has been detected in Tokyo 140 miles away.

Fukushima Daiichi, relies mainly on electrical systems to power the emergency cooling of its reactors. This design failed during the  earthquake and tsunami. Isolation condensers, by contrast, don't require electric power. The power and backup generators failed.Cooling water could not be pumped to the nuclear fuel. Overheating then led to explosions, fires and a significant release of radiation.

Levels of 400 millisieverts per hour have been registered at the plan. A few hours of exposure to this dose-level could cause radiation sickness. A of 10 millisieverts per hour or lower has persisted at the site. (A spinal X-ray delivers roughly one millisievert of radiation, a CT scan delivers a dose of 15 millisieverts.)

The quake disabled the pumps providing water to cool the nuclear rods. Power is being restored to the plant. Very desperate measures of dousing the cooling the reactors with seawater have been undertaken.

The coordination of the Japanese government and corporate management of the crisis will likely provide structure to the future of the nuclear movement worldwide.

Unrest is already being voiced in Germany. Chancellor Merkel has signaled that she would guide her country to renewable energy.

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